Saturday, February 10, 2007

More about my quest for a natural life

This blog is about the steps I want to take to try to become as healthy as I can be. They are not really resolutions and they are not things that I have tried and failed at before like some people who go on a diet every January 1st.

These are either products, services, or lifestyle changes that I have read about and I believe have merit, but time and money have prevented me from trying them all at once. And quite frankly I think trying them all at once would be absolutely impossible as well as incredibly frustrating so I think any benefit gained would be lost when I threw the towel in and went out for chicken wings.

So I am just going to make a rough list and I will come back to the master list frequently to update the order in which I am going to take on a new projects, or to provide links if you are interested in more information about what I am doing or how to try these things for yourself.

I was hoping to implement a few of these items every month in 2007 but money precluded me from trying as many as I wanted to in January so I am a little behind schedule. I will figure out a system to mark up the ones I have already implemented so you can track my schedule.

I am aware that my list may seem a little daunting and lots of people will think I am a total kook (I dont really care). I am only going to do what is comfortable for me. If I find anything too convenient then I am going to give it up. I just dont have time in my day. Everything needs to be as seamless as possible.

I think this list will probably extend well past 2007 but again this project isnt to stress me out or make me uncomfortable. I am trying these things to improve my health but only if I am able to implement them painlessly into my modern lifestyle.

I welcome your comments or suggestions.

Things I am currently doing :

  • I eat (and so does my 20 month old daughter) tons of fruit and a fair amount of vegetablesWe never drink tap water (but we do bathe in it)
  • We never eat or drink anything from a microwave
  • We believe in a raw-living diet and I try to eat as much raw, organic as possible
  • I still breastfeed, cosleep, and wear my daughter in a sling. I will do the first two as long as she wants and the last as long as I can.
  • I try to do yoga in the mornings and pilates at night but I end up doing yoga about every other morning and pilates once or twice a week
  • I never ever drink soda (and will not let my daughter touch the stuff)

My current struggles & issues:

I have tons of mercury fillings which I desperately want out. I was poisoned with Pitocin (laced with Thimerosol) during my daughters birth and have an excess of mercury in my system which i will blog about more than you probably want to hear. Much of this program is to detox my system

I have experienced rapid and accelerated aging and discoloration in my face due to the chronic mercury toxicity. I have sagging in my jaws and my eyelids only in the last year but it is very noticeable. I have tried all sorts of things and while I think the real answer lies in mercury removal, I will continue to experiment with diet, vitamins, & minerals.

I want to have another child but cannot while I am toxic.

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