Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Natural Living and Parenting

Hello and welcome to my new natural living and parenting blog.

The mission of this blog is to try to merge natural living and parenting with a modern lifestyle. I am a single mother of a 20 month old toddler. In a perfect world I would stay home with my daughter and use public transport and eat my freshly grown vegetables out of my backyard.

Unfortunately I work a full time job and my ideals are not so easy to attain. I refuse to give up however. I am an anomaly in the Midwest. I have not met anyone else who wants to live like I do. People make fun of me but I dont really give a s***. I want to be as healthy as I can for as long as I can and I would like to pass the same lifestyle on to my daughter.

I believe in natural fertility, pregnancy, unassisted childbirth, infant potty training (EC), genital integrity (no circumcising or episiotomies), co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, homeschooling, and as close to organic, vegan as possible.

The birth of my daughter was a nightmare due to unnecessary medical interventions which began my quest for all things natural. I created a website which covers many of the topics that I am passionate about. I am still breastfeeding her and I plan to as long as she is interested (and I still love it). We co sleep and I plan to until she insists on her own bed which will probably make me cry. I will not be able to home school unfortunately due to my job. My daughter has been using a potty since she was a month and a half old.

Am I perfect? Far from it. I struggle with fast food, snack foods, lack of exercise, TV, taking the easy way out, pessimistic thinking, lack of sleep, lack of sunlight, improper hydration, toxic overload, and many more health issues.

This does have a point. I am stating where I am at so you can share my journey. I am on a journey of health. I want to do so many things and time, money, and a modern lifestyle seem to stand in the way. To that end I created a list that I am going to try to check off little by little as my money and time allows. My blog posts will report what my experiences are with the products, services, and treatments I try.

This should be a lot of fun so subscribe to the RSS feed, the email feed, or just check back frequently to see how things are working out for my modern little organic family.

XO & Peace
Sheryl Lyon